Mobile phone whilst driving

no mobile phone use








Just a quick reminder, that as from the 1st March, the consequences of being caught using your mobile phone while driving, will double to six points and a £200 fine.

Tyre condition

Tyre condition






The other day I was on a lesson and noticed that the vehicle in front of me had a very flat rear tyre. As we were at traffic lights, I was able to get out and notify the driver that of the situation. To my surprise, instead of pulling over and investigating, they just continued on their journey through city centre.









At last the government have decided to consider the idea of allowing Learner drivers on the motorway before they pass. It has always seemed a ‘no brainer’ to me.

Freezing fog

Freezing fog crash







There have been a number of crashes today in the area due to the freezing fog that we are experiencing.

Please remember the following if you are driving around Salisbury:

Snow and ice







My first job most mornings seems to be having to scrape the frost from my vehicles. It seems Salisbury just missed out on snow on Thursday, with much of the rest of the country not being so lucky. Winter is definitely here. So I thought it would be helpful to think of key things to check at this time of year.

Mobile Phones

Walking across road on phone






I was walking in town the other day, and as I approached a pedestrian crossing, an elderly lady just in front of me, I would say in her early sixties, just walked out into the path of an approaching car. I automatically put my arm out just in time to stop her. She was only about a foot from being hit.