Top 10 Reasons People Fail

Things to avoid if you do not want to fail your test


The current pass rate is only 47%. For first timers, around 17%. So less than 1 in 5 pass first time. According to the DVSA, those who pass their driving test have had, on average, 45 hours of professional training, and 22 hours of private practice. To help you avoid the most common pitfalls, here is a list of the top ten reasons why people fail:

  1. Observation at junctions – ineffective observation and judgement
  2. Reverse parking – ineffective observation or a lack of accuracy
  3. Use of mirrors – not checking or not acting on the information
  4. Reversing around a corner – ineffective observation or a lack of accuracy
  5. Incorrect use of signals – not cancelling or giving misleading signals
  6. Moving away safely – ineffective observation
  7. Incorrect positioning on the road – at roundabouts or on bends
  8. Lack of steering control – steering too early or leaving it too late
  9. Incorrect positioning to turn right – at junctions and in one way streets
  10. Inappropriate speed – travelling too slowly or being hesitant
  11. and don’t forget the most common reason for failure – Nerves

Now you know why your instructor is always making sure that you are using your mirrors and observations correctly!